The cutting edge that sets business leaders apart from its competitors is timely information at its use and competent officers , crew and employees to keep its systems running.

As the shipping industry gears to meet challenges of the prevailing economic condition there is need to be more productive and cost efficient. We are also increasingly challenged to create means to cut cost for our Principals benefit and be more globally competitive. Thus we to achieve maximum business productivity at low cost. This formulated as our action statement we would say;

Quality Service With Integrity.

Polestar Marine Services Private Limited provide and maintain a safe, hazard free environment to our crew and employees to a safe an efficient operations in the office and in the sea.

To achieve this objective, the possession, use and consumption of drugs and alcohol on any marine vessel worksite operated by the principals or ship owners is strictly prohibited.

Our company provides safety and environmentally friendly services at all times.

The objectives of this policy are to prevent accident, death or injury to personnel, seafarers, damage to accident to ships, equipments, cargo and property and the prevention of pollution and protection of life at sea and environment. To achieve this objective the company is to meet customer, statutory or regulatory requirements in every country and port. Polestar Marine Services provide In house training and resources to all crew officers and ratings for the protection of the interest with principals or ship owners. Properly motivated Officers and Crew through continuous training for the safety and awareness to life and protection of environment.

We are committed to render the following professional services to our Principals;

1. Provide  Indian officers and crew members for various types of vessels, such as;

  1. General cargo,
  2. Container ships, bulk carriers, LPG's, LNG's and chemical tankers,
  3. VLCC's, car carriers, reefers,
  4. Research/survey ships,
  5. Anchor handling tugs, supply and fishing boats
  6. Passenger/cruise liners.

2. Conduct  study and  research  to provide  vital  information  and new  developments in the  industry that  could  help  them  in their  operations.

3. Other related  services that maybe  required  by  our  Principals .

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