To provide the best service to our Principal in their crewing needs, and assign the most qualified and quality crew in their vessels all over the world ensuring their COMPLETE SATISFACTION.

To consistently maintain best training and development program for officers and crew thereby ensuring our Principalís satisfaction.


To be ranked as the best provider of support services for Indian Seafarers, enhancing skills, enriching lives, and transforming values;

1. To highly responsibly promote safety of all crew members in all levels, considering primordial concern of the company;

2. To create an environmental conscious seafarer, fully aware of universally accepted environmental laws, and ensure the seafarers commitment that the environment is sacred and should be treated with utmost respect;

3.To transform seafarers as agents of environmental consciousness to their respective communities.

4. To create a community of seafarers with life-long commitment to their families, providing for a QUALITY LIFE, where each seafarer enjoys the fruit of his hard work from employment to retirement, and secures his future through the next generation.

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