Company Profile
Ploestar Marine Services Private Limited is a reliable partner in Ship management and international manning services. We are organized company formed by the pool of shipping management directors and incorporators whose expertise is among the best in the labor relations, human resource, maritime laws, mass communications training and development.

We guarantee efficient services to our Principals backed by systematized business procedures, pool of quality seafarers (officers and ratings) and continuous training through Safety, Awareness to Life and Protection of Environment.

We are a company of people who brings growth to our Principals businesses as a means to secure QUALITY LIFE for our seafarers and their family’s.

Quality Service With Integrity
Polestar Marine provide and maintain a safe, hazard free environment to our crew and employees to a safe an efficient operations in the office and in the sea. To achieve this objective, the possession, use and consumption of drugs and alcohol on any marine vessel worksite operated by the principals or ship owners is strictly prohibited. Our company provides safety and environmentally friendly services at all times. The objectives of this policy are to prevent accident, death or injury to personnel, seafarers, damage to accident to ships, equipments, cargo and property and the prevention of pollution and protection of life at sea and environment. To achieve this objective the company is to meet customer, statutory or regulatory requirements in every country and port. Polestar Marine provide In house training and resources to all crew officers and ratings for the protection of the interest with principals or ship owners. Properly motivated Officers and Crew through continuous training for the safety and awareness to life and protection of environment. We are committed to render the following professional services to our Principals;

Our Distinction
A number of crew management services are in an active interplay in the market today, we have as character that makes us a class of our own. Our satisfaction not only comes in the fees we receive from our Principals but twofold;

1. In the knowledge that our Officers and crew work fully for our clients advantage in their vessels;
2. We are able to substantially contribute to a more total development of the Indian seafarers making them world class.

Our Offices
Our operations is located in the business district of Mumbai accessible to center of Mumbai housed in one separate Floor at four storey building fully equipped with modern office machines and equipments to ensure that clients needs are promptly attended to. Our offices also provides convenience for our applicants and principals who visit us.

Our Officers
The officers of Polestar Marine share a common dream of building a company that is committed to the future of our Principals business and the welfare of the Indian seafarers and their families. The management team is composed of professionals with years of experience in the shipping industry and experts in manning services, respected industry leaders, members of the academic community, legal practitioners and businessman of integrity.

We are driven by the passion to excel and the social responsibility towards to satisfy both our clients and seafarers & employees.

Managerial Staff Personel
Our relationship with our managerial staff and all our personnel is anchored on trust and respect. We value professionalism that is the core of our mission. Our personnel has diversified experience in management, labor relations and human resource training and development.

We do not make big promises, we deliver results! As your business partner, we will be glad to be one with your aspiration to have your vessels sailing smoothly.


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